"The picture becomes alive. It's a being. You can communicate with it" Alina Birkner. An interview filmed and directed by Munich-based photographer-duo Marie and Anne Gryzka aka. Rue Nouvelle.

Video by Rue Nouvelle
Sound by Leon Patrice Roth

Architecture. Residents. Art.

thisorient_art_hiroshi_sugimoto_04 Art, Photography

Water and air – Hiroshi Sugimoto

Water and air. So very commonplace are these substances, they hardly attract attention―and yet they vouchsafe our very existence.

thisorient_art_seek_johannes_boettge_03 Art, Photography, Seek

Seek Destination – Johannes Böttge

In his works Böttge addresses social and cultural topics and takes gleeful inspiration from the whimsical and strange. Born in Leipzig, today the artist feels at home on the hardcore punk scene. He is a vocalist in the band Coldburn.

Comfort Zone.

Comfort Zone, Fashion, Film


Inspired by the story of Narcissus who fell in love with himself after seeing his own reflection in the water of a pool, the film evolves around our generation’s self-perception and self-value.



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