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thisorient_thegreatermiddleeast_volume_three_machmoum_08 Art, The Greater Middle East, Volume 3


‘Under the jasmine in the evening, the wind and flowers surround me, the branches lean over me and wipe away my tears. Under the jasmine I sat down, I tuned the lute and sang’.

this_orient_volume_three_thegreatermiddleeast_ysl_museum_denisova_06 Architecture, The Greater Middle East, Volume 3

A contemporary and Moroccan building

We know only a few contemporary iconic buildings built in the Greater Middle East. And some might argue that those that we do know – for example, the Burj-al-Khalifa, the Louvre Abu Dhabi

This_Orient_Volume_Three_The_Greater_Middle_East_Bobby_Mills_Morocco_05 Art, The Greater Middle East, Volume 3

Landscape observations: Morocco

The landscape is the prevailing feature that has remained constant, a witness that has stood still throughout a history in constant flux.

this_orient-the_greater_middle_east_residents_bassam_allam_02 Residents, The Greater Middle East, Volume 3

Bassam Allam

Allam’s photographic work can be described as ‘ mysterious’, a key element for him. Mystery is a ‘pillar’ of his work: ‘It is incredibly important’.

thisorient_jen_alkema_studio_apartment_05 Architecture

Alkema studio

The traditional structure of this building on one of the main canals was changed completely in the nineteen-seventies,

rg_01 015 Architecture

Villa Waalre by architect Russell Jones

The local planning authority were aware of the history and context of the original house, and advised that if the design of the new building eclipsed the quality of the original, the proposal would be supported.


Studio Visit.

Studio visit, The Greater Middle East, Volume 3

Gone with the city – When memories are bound to vanish

This is an excerpt. Find the whole article inside our third issue. There is this one city, a city I have never been to, that I have always been curious to learn about. Whenever there is a new movie or documentary about it,

Interview, Studio visit

Eman Ali–Inspired by the Middle East

For someone like you with such an interesting background, the question of your personal comfort zone immediately comes to mind.



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This Orient gives an insight into the Greater Middle Eastern art scene. The richness of specialities, the pure potential and authenticity of Middle Eastern and North African regions needs to be explored and shared with the world. We want to share what already exists, yet is still waiting to be explored. The name This Orient implies the idea of a space no matter if physical or not, where one feel free to express hisself. Architecture, its residents, their art: We visit artists at their studio and, or home to explore their art.

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