British photographer Georgie Wileman captures her protagonists in a vulnerable but at the same time genuine way. She turns the innermost to the outside.

Words by Hassen Ben Chtioui
Photographs by Georgie Wileman

Architecture. Residents. Art.

thisorient_art_os_oos_perspectives_4 Art, Design

Playing with expectations, perspectives and light

OS & OOS is an Eindhoven-based design studio founded by Oskar Peet and Sophie Mensen, which has always been fascinated by the study of the bond that exists between form, material and the beholder.

thisorient_art_georgie_wileman_keith_01 Art, Photography

The sharpest dresser I ever met

Two images are enough. That is Keith! The Brooklyn-based photographer gives us an insight of the life of the protagonist. At least a stage of his life. Keith, “the sharpest dresser I ever met” she explains.

thisorient_art_nadine_goepfert_13 Art, Fashion


Berlin-based designer presented a series of garments and corresponding objects.

thisorient_art_annyckbenth_tenerife_04 Art, Photography

Tenerife by Annyck Benth

‘El Teide’ is with its 3718 meters the tallest mountain in the archipelago. His last eruption was in 1909. The images were taken between 2014 and 2016 during during her travels to one of the Canary Islands called Tenerife.

Comfort Zone.

Comfort Zone, Video

Croco and Co

For the exhibition, Rue Nouvelle met Marc-Henri Ngandu in Paris to talk about his inspiration and the way he sees fashion and photography.

Comfort Zone, Fashion, Film


Inspired by the story of Narcissus who fell in love with himself after seeing his own reflection in the water of a pool, the film evolves around our generation’s self-perception and self-value.



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