'Zero' by Munich-based conceptual artist Simon Freund questions the reasonableness of an object. What happens if we change the usual function of an object by swapping its essential part–in this case the chair back.

Words by Simon Freund, Hassen Ben Chtioui

Architecture. Residents. Art.

thisorient_art_sirens_golden_hampton_09 Interior Design

Gold. Always believe in your skills.

’THIS ORIENT:What did the origin of your practice look like? Alicia: Our practice began with just Kylie and me and was named We Are Huntly.

thisorient_richard_gaston_07 Art, Photography

Highlands of Scotland. Series by Richard Gaston

Highland An ongoing project, based solely on the Highlands of Scotland. This collection of images documents the country throughout three seasons – Spring through to Autumn.

Comfort Zone.

Comfort Zone, Studio visit

Camille Moir-Smith‘s Aprons

Creativity is a craft that fuels us; it is an outlet for our emotions and ideas. Camille Moir-Smith understands this and realizes the hard part is in the making.

Comfort Zone, Studio visit

Nadine Goepfert’s Berlin studio

Nadine Goepfert is a multidisciplinary designer based in Berlin who explores socio-cultural ideas and curiosities and translates them into designs or artworks.



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