Eman Ali is an Omani photographer based in London whose work is every bit as interesting as her cultural background. A visual artist whose projects don’t stop at the interface of camera and picture.

Words by Hassen Ben Chtioui
Photographs by Erasmo Wong

Architecture. Residents. Art.

art_norddallemagne_belfodil_01 Art, Photography

Nord d’Allemagne

German-Tunisian multidisciplinary artist Belfodil took this series of images with an analogue camera while exploring Bremen and Bremerhaven and its countryside. These photos reminds of abstract paintings which allow the beholder a wide field of interpretation. Hier klicken, Aigner

thisorient_art_acte_maxfrisinger_08 Art

Evo series by Acte Tm and Max Frisinger

Acte Tm (a multidisciplinary studio for creative direction.) has been collaborating with artist Max Frisinger to create a series of unique objects exploring art in the context of functional design.

thisorient_art_christian_heikoop_glissade_03 Art, Furniture

Christian Heikoop ‘Glissade’

New ideas can come in many forms. Often the look of the end product is the starting point. With ‘Glissade’ Christian Heikoop puts method first.

Comfort Zone.

Art, Exhibition

Selected Ambient Works 85-92 by Kalas Liebfried

The title of the exhibition Selected Ambient Works 85-92 clearly refers to the first album by Aphex Twin from 1992 and is a strong reference to Erik Satie’s idea of an ambient ‘music genre’.



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