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Studio visit, The Greater Middle East, Volume 3

Gone with the city – When memories are bound to vanish

This is an excerpt. Find the whole article inside our third issue. There is this one city, a city I have never been to, that I have always been curious to learn about. Whenever there is a new movie or documentary about it,

Studio visit, The Greater Middle East, Volume 3

Septembre Architects – Studio visit in Paris

Septembre consists of five partners from Sweden, Morocco, and Tunisia: Lina Lagerström, Memia Belkaid, Sami Aloulou, Emilia Jansson, and Dounia Hamdouch. These architects and urbanists all met in Paris (except Dounia) on the first day of class registration for the architecture school of La Vilette. During their studies, in the back of their minds, they […]

Studio visit, The Greater Middle East, Volume 3

In the studio with Laurence Leenaert in Marrakesh

This is an excerpt. Find the whole article inside our third issue. This Orient: Hi Laurence. We know that you currently live in Marrakech and that you studied in Belgium, but where do you actually come from?

Comfort Zone, Studio visit, Volume 1

Eman Ali–Inspired by the Middle East

For someone like you with such an interesting background, the question of your personal comfort zone immediately comes to mind.

Comfort Zone, Video


Inspired by the works of Saskia Sassen and Byung-Chul Han, Powell and Hettenbach filmically interpreted the sometimes overlapping theories of the two authors: Sassen’s focus lies on the neoliberal market economy and social changes, while Byung-Chul Han deals with these topics in a more philosophical way.

Comfort Zone, Video

Croco and Co

For the exhibition, Rue Nouvelle met Marc-Henri Ngandu in Paris to talk about his inspiration and the way he sees fashion and photography.

Architecture, Morocco

Maison Brummell Majorelle

“Beginning with a sculptural solid mass, we carved selected incisions and voids varying in scale where necessary. This provides a variety of spatial experiences through scale, light and shadow.

Architecture, The Greater Middle East, Volume 3

Claustra-Phobia. Mashrabiyas des briques.

In a small village about a hundred kilometres from Tunis, on a section of the motorway, the country roads are lined with cactus and olive trees typical of this remote part of Cap Bon.

Architecture, The Greater Middle East, Volume 3

A contemporary and Moroccan building

We know only a few contemporary iconic buildings built in the Greater Middle East. And some might argue that those that we do know – for example, the Burj-al-Khalifa, the Louvre Abu Dhabi


Alkema studio

The traditional structure of this building on one of the main canals was changed completely in the nineteen-seventies,


Villa Waalre by architect Russell Jones

The local planning authority were aware of the history and context of the original house, and advised that if the design of the new building eclipsed the quality of the original, the proposal would be supported.


Museum of Islamic Art

The Museum of Islamic Art in Doha is Pei’s last major museum project before he passed away in May 2019. This cultural institution is one of the most important architectures on the Arabian Peninsula and bribes through its vocabulary of modern architecture.


House for Architectural Heritage in Bahrain

The house for Architectural Heritage is a centre that houses the archival collection of sketches and drawings by the architect John Yarwood, as well as serving as an exhibition space dedicated to architecture.

Architecture, Interior

Villa Castelluccio

Villa Castelluccio uses local materials, traditional building methods and details from the local architecture, resulting in a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom house that fits perfectly within the olive trees, a real Italian vernacular.

Jordan, Photography

The Land Between the Seas

I was on the road, on my way to somewhere. I had been traveling for some time, crossing lands, seas, cities and borders.


Blurred Tunis

Various components makes Tunisias capital city so interesting and overwhelming the same time. Noisy streets filled with overlaid voices of all sorts of people who want to sell something, groups of loudly laughing students, honking cars,

Art, The Greater Middle East, Volume 3

Above Ground

She gesticulates. The arms sweep wide. She knows that these gestures get her the needed attention.

Art, The Greater Middle East, Volume 3


‘Under the jasmine in the evening, the wind and flowers surround me, the branches lean over me and wipe away my tears. Under the jasmine I sat down, I tuned the lute and sang’.

Art, The Greater Middle East, Volume 3

Landscape observations: Morocco

The landscape is the prevailing feature that has remained constant, a witness that has stood still throughout a history in constant flux.

Art, Photography

Water by Mustafah Abdulaziz

Berlin-based and New York City born photographer Mustafah Abdulaziz took this series of images titled Water to uncover the meaning of water for our planet and how people’s attitude affects it.


Residents, The Greater Middle East, Volume 3

Ayzit Bostan

Her studio is located on the Landwehrstrasse, in a multi-level back building of a pulsating neighbourhood, where Baklava meets Weisswurst

Residents, The Greater Middle East, Volume 3

Moley Talhaoui

Marouane Ben Belfort: What kind of personal emotions go through your mind while painting? Moley Talhaoui: Let’s go back a bit. During an early stage of my artistic work,

Residents, The Greater Middle East, Volume 3

Bassam Allam

Allam’s photographic work can be described as ‘ mysterious’, a key element for him. Mystery is a ‘pillar’ of his work: ‘It is incredibly important’.

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