thisorient_art_sirens_golden_hampton_09 Interior Design

Gold. Always believe in your skills.

’THIS ORIENT:What did the origin of your practice look like? Alicia: Our practice began with just Kylie and me and was named We Are Huntly.

thisorient_architecture_rye_london_12 Architecture, Cooking, Interior

The Creative Networker, Studio Rye London

’TO: What is the core concept behind Rye London? HWP: The studio is essentially a communal cooking and photographic space, where we also host suppers and workshops. I’m very community driven and love the feeling of closeness.

thisorientarchitecture_kinfolk_gallery_05 Architecture, Interior

Kinfolk’s minimalist headquarters by Norm Architects

What has been the trademark of Kinfolk since 2011 has always been its devotion to showcasing the best of creativity while affirming a strong commitment to quality of life and considered living.

0015-min Architecture

The renaissance of Liangzhu

A momumental center in Hangzhou, east China, the Liangzhu Culture Center was designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando

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