thisorient_art_alicegao_02 Art

Iceland by Alice Gao

Alice Gao is a New York-based travel and still life photographer whose work has been featured in Kinfolk Magazine, The New York Times T Magazine, WSJ Magazine and more.

thisorient_art_sirens_curated_03 Art, Curated, Sirens


‘Jellyfish’ by Studio Nendo from Japan for Milan Design Week. Vases that float like jellyfish in the water.

thisorient_matt_johnson_above_ground_07 Art

Above Ground with Matt Johnson

Specialising in narrative imagery for people, places and brands, New York-based photographer Matthew Johnson seeks out moments of quiet in busy bustling cities.

thisorient_art_wouter_hogendorp_06 Art, Photography

The soft power of Wouter Hogendorp’s white spaces

It is rather difficult to find pictures that capture the true essence of minimalism–the absence of complications and the quite bare approach to the composition of minimalist image-imaking is no child’s play.

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