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Jordan, Photography

The Land Between the Seas

I was on the road, on my way to somewhere. I had been traveling for some time, crossing lands, seas, cities and borders.


Blurred Tunis

Various components makes Tunisias capital city so interesting and overwhelming the same time. Noisy streets filled with overlaid voices of all sorts of people who want to sell something, groups of loudly laughing students, honking cars,

Art, The Greater Middle East, Volume 3

Above Ground

She gesticulates. The arms sweep wide. She knows that these gestures get her the needed attention.

Art, The Greater Middle East, Volume 3


‘Under the jasmine in the evening, the wind and flowers surround me, the branches lean over me and wipe away my tears. Under the jasmine I sat down, I tuned the lute and sang’.

Art, The Greater Middle East, Volume 3

Landscape observations: Morocco

The landscape is the prevailing feature that has remained constant, a witness that has stood still throughout a history in constant flux.

Art, Photography

Water by Mustafah Abdulaziz

Berlin-based and New York City born photographer Mustafah Abdulaziz took this series of images titled Water to uncover the meaning of water for our planet and how people’s attitude affects it.

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