2022 Sep 04

Blurred Tunis

A trip through Tunisias capital city could overwhelm you because of its rich architectural diversity, its busy streets and its endless offers of restaurants and cafes. At some points Tunis seems to blur especially when rushing through the alleys of the medina and the endless streets.

Words and images by Karim El-Haoui

Various components makes Tunisias capital city so interesting and overwhelming the same time. Noisy streets filled with overlaid voices of all sorts of people who want to sell something, groups of loudly laughing students, honking cars, the song of the muezzin or business people arguing. Different smells by restaurants, perfumeries or passing people. The heat outside during summer and the air conditioner inside. A buzzing and vibrating sound lays over the city centre which reminds of entering a techno club. All this can makes one dizzy especially when new in town. This kind of dizziness is a state of mind which is another interesting point of view when rushing through the city because it lets you perceive it differently, in a way which leaves you to understand the city only when you escape from her. Tunis draws you in and lets you completely forget the time.