Buildings Register

Buildings Register An insight into iconic buildings from Tunisia, Iraq, Egypt. Architectural drawings accompanied by an explanation to the buildings. This Buildings Register is part of This Orient issue three. These buildings are part of this register: New Gourna Village, Egypt, Hassan Fathy Siraj al-Din Mosque, Iraq, Rifat Chadirji Hotel du Lac, Tunisia, Dr. Raffaele […]

Issue Three 18,00 
Issue Three

The Greater Middle East

The Greater Middle East Issue Three An insight into the Greater Middle Eastern art scene and a debut to a new chapter of This Orient. The richness of specialities, the pure potential and authenticity of Middle Eastern and North African regions needs to be explored and shared with the world. This issue explores the past, […]

Issue Two 16,00  9,90 
Issue Two


Girls, girls, girls; shy girl, sexy girl, they all like that fancy world. This line from the song by Sailor from 1976 doesn’t fit our idea of women. Our selection of female creatives – which are gathered in this issue – tackle challenges.

Seasons Series 3, Fall 35,00  31,00 
Seasons Series 3, Fall

Ethiopia by Osma Harvilahti

Seasons Series draws inspiration from Kim Ki-Duk’s seminal film Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring in which different actors, for each season, play the same character who is abandoned on a lake next to a floating monastery.

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Archaic, The Pavillion of Iraq

The catalogue of the Pavilion of Iraq at the 57th Venice Biennale, this book presents eight Iraqi artists of different generations—Sherko Abbas, Sadik Kwaish Alfraji, Ali Arkady, Luay Fadhil, Shakir Hassan Al Said, Nadine Hatton, Jewad Selim, and Sakar Sleman—together

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Pietro Roccasalva

The first reference monograph on the artist, this catalogue follows the first institutional exhibitions of Roccasalva held at the MAGASIN in Grenoble and at the Kölnischer Kustverein in Cologne.


The Artist as Curator, An Anthology

This is an anthology of essays that first appeared in The Artist as Curator, a series that occupied eleven issues of Mousse from no. 41 (December 2013/January 2014) to no. 51 (December 2015/January 2016).

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Accident by Andrew Zago

In fields, such as architecture, that produce carefully authored compositions, the chance arrangements of material grain, patinas, or other traces of matter’s resistance to orderly control are sometimes allowed an expression in the final work.


'THIS ORIENT Issue Two - Sirens

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