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this_orient-the_greater_middle_east_residents_ayzit_bostan_02 Residents, The Greater Middle East, Volume 3

Ayzit Bostan

Her studio is located on the Landwehrstrasse, in a multi-level back building of a pulsating neighbourhood, where Baklava meets Weisswurst

the_greater_middle_east_residents_moley_talhaoui_04 Residents, The Greater Middle East, Volume 3

Moley Talhaoui

Marouane Ben Belfort: What kind of personal emotions go through your mind while painting? Moley Talhaoui: Let’s go back a bit. During an early stage of my artistic work,

this_orient-the_greater_middle_east_residents_bassam_allam_02 Residents, The Greater Middle East, Volume 3

Bassam Allam

Allam’s photographic work can be described as ‘ mysterious’, a key element for him. Mystery is a ‘pillar’ of his work: ‘It is incredibly important’.

thisorient_residents_sirens_annabelleselldorf_01 Architecture, Residents

Annabelle Selldorf

How does an architect, and especially a woman, make her way in New York, the city of the modern working women? “It really boils down to personality,”

thisorient_residents_landon_metz_10 Art, Portrait, Residents

Landon Metz

Working across painting, sculpture, installation, and even performance, the studio of artist Landon Metz is based in a light-filled space in Brooklyn.

stories_khaledhourani_02 Characters

Khaled Hourani

‘You know, I’m more than an artist,’ says Khaled Hourani at his home in Ramallah, as he adds the final spices to a maklouba dish he’s preparing in the kitchen.

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This Orient gives an insight into the Greater Middle Eastern art scene. The richness of specialities, the pure potential and authenticity of Middle Eastern and North African regions needs to be explored and shared with the world. We want to share what already exists, yet is still waiting to be explored. The name This Orient implies the idea of a space no matter if physical or not, where one feel free to express hisself. Architecture, its residents, their art: We visit artists at their studio and, or home to explore their art.

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