2023 Feb 24

Maison Brummell Majorelle

The New Zealander architect Bergendy Cooke designed this boutique hotel for "Brummell" which is another building in Marrakesh, Morocco with an artistic approach where functions following forms.

“Beginning with a sculptural solid mass, we carved selected incisions and voids varying in scale where necessary. This provides a variety of spatial experiences through scale, light and shadow. The surrounding gardens use a similar language. Varying levels of planting form private gardens for guests and a dynamic layer of foliage throughout, contrasting to the sculptural building form and enhancing the idea of urban oasis.” Explains Bergendy Cooke whose practice is based in her home country New Zealand.

Marrakesh and Casablanca are two cities within Morocco which has gained a huge echo in media and became favourite spots for tourists from all over the world. Rich of culture and tradition, the colourful bazars and neighbourhoods attracting many foreigners. No wonder that Yves Saint Laurent lived and worked there from time to time. A few years ago the company YSL installed a museum in Marrakesh – a sculptural designed building by French architectural practice Studio KO (we reported in the past about it).

“Inspired by the local vernacular, without replicating it, we have created a unique and playful contemporary language while maintaining a textural reference to the site’s rich history.”

Christian Schallert, founder of the brand “Brummell”, decided to open up his second boutique hotel in Marrakesh. The first “Brummell” is located in Barcelona, Spain where Schallert and Cooke are both based.

Cooke further explains: “The exterior is comprised of various plaster finishes, handmade tiles and local terrazzo to public zones, including the entrance wall defining its presence on the street. Highlights of brass denote transitions between various areas, from street to hotel, and from public to private spaces.”

Marrakech, Morocco
Client Christian Schallert
Completed 2023
Architect, Designer including interior: Bergendy Cooke
Architects in Marrakech: Amine Abaraoui Architects
Photography by Emily Andrews