2019 Mar 16

Villa Castelluccio

Openhouse magazine founder Andrew Trotter is responsible for the renovation of a house in Puglia, Italy. A cozy retreat built with local materials.

Words by Andrew Trotter
Photography by Salva Lopez

Villa Castelluccio uses local materials, traditional building methods and details from the local architecture, resulting in a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom house that fits perfectly within the olive trees, a real Italian vernacular. A modern edge has been given to this 1920’s countryside villa, yet keeping a rustic feel, light an airy. Bespoke kitchen tops and bathroom sinks were made from concrete, and a fireplace was added to the back room. A new outdoor kitchen and seating areas were designed to take full advantage of the great weather and rural setting, with a long wall alongside the pool, to give the feeling of an outdoor room, and offer more seclusion to the swimmer.
Studio Andrew Trotter