2018 Jun 26

A-Place by Studio Thisispaper

Studio Thisispaper created a space with a delightful sense of aesthetic in the heart of Praga district, Warsaw, Poland.

Words by Thisispaper
Photographs by Thisispaper

Thisispaper transforms their aesthetic from digital to reality. “We created a space where our values take a tangible form, available to everyone that chooses to make Warsaw a stop in their journey.” ‘A-Place’ is guided by their love for honest, natural materials, such as wood, steel, ceramics and linen. Every surface, object and colour has been hand picked in line within their design philosophy that creates harmony through focus on function and purity of form.

“A space available for rent to anyone who would like to discover the capital of Poland in an unconventional way.”

The comfort zone is located in the heart of the historic Praga district — a forgotten gem on Vistula’s left bank, with rich but well-hidden history. The apartment is a part of the housing estate newly created in the post-industrial facilities of the Koneser vodka distillery dating back to the XIX century.

Get more informations about this apartment here. Contact Thisispaper if you are willing to stay there.