Walking Consequences of globalisation, urban growth and its resulting gentrification. Berlin 2018.
2018 Nov 16


Inspired by the works of Saskia Sassen and Byung-Chul Han, Powell and Hettenbach filmically interpreted the sometimes overlapping theories of the two authors: Sassen’s focus lies on the neoliberal market economy and social changes, while Byung-Chul Han deals with these topics in a more philosophical way. In his opinion, the perceived freedom we have from a globalised society is actually more an “exploitation of the self”. Everyday life in a city like Berlin has also altered in recent years thanks to the forces of globalisation and gentrification – Powell and Hettenbach’s film follows two kids who wander aimlessly around the capital, somehow connected to each other, the city and it’s architecture, but ultimately alone searching for their freedom.

Video by Flo Hettenbach and Nicola Powell

Actors Ceyz Cerebiz and Pricela Januario

Sounddesign by Marlon Beatt

Voices Flo Hettenbach and Amra Novak