2019 Oct 03

“Museo Jumex” in Mexico City

A museum is a place where one can learn about different cultures, arts and science. A place to wander around, explore and discover. Museums “offer a space where it's okay to slow down”, says Rory Gardiner, who photographed the venue that exhibits one of the world's largest Latin American contemporary art collection.

Words by Trang Ta
Photographs by Rory Gardiner

Rory Gardiner is an architecture photographer who is originally from Australia, but now calls London, UK his home. About his photography Rory says that it is “responsive and experiential”. He further explains: “I try to avoid pre-conceptions about each project and just wander about to see where the light and materiality takes me. This way I’m free to respond to whatever the experience of the project is. So, hopefully, the viewer can make a more visceral understanding of each photograph.”
Gardiner’s portfolio consists of wonderfully captured buildings and designs from all over the world.
Through the photographs of well-known museums such as the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City or the Long Museum in Shanghai, Gardiner established his reputation and created an extraordinary and unique collection of work. When asking Rory about his interest and fascination for museums, he tells me that, “museums are one of the few architectural spaces that team with people meandering about.” It is a place where people can forget about “their daily sense of time and urgency. I like watching people wandering and thinking. I guess they just offer a space where it’s okay to slow down.” Indeed, museums seem to be perfect place to do so.

“(…)Museums are one of the few architectural spaces that team with people meandering about.”

Rory photographed the Museo Jumex last year in May. The building was designed by the British architect David Chipperfield and was completed in 2013. It is located in the Nuevo Polanco area of Mexico City.
With this project Rory wanted to emphasize the diversity of this area: “I found that project to be a very considered response to its context, but in an inverted manner. That part of the city is particularly varied in the style of buildings and I think Chipperfield responded well to this.(…)It’s a nice discovery to find as you walk through the city and I wanted to show these different moments.”