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This Orient Volume 04 – Preorder

Preorder our 4th issue. The topic and cover will be revealed once it get published. Our focus lies on Greater Middle Eastern (MeNa) art and culture. About 200 pages offset-printed and perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper. Dimension 230×300 mm. Printed in Germany.

Jdeed, Nouri

Jdeed, Arabic for new. The new that is being witnessed, more and more everyday. Fashion designers, photographers, painters, street artists: the aim at JDEED Magazine is to gather the new talents of today and tomorrow. They aspire to unveil a side of the Arab World as you have never seen it before.

Architecture, Morocco

Maison Brummell Majorelle

“Beginning with a sculptural solid mass, we carved selected incisions and voids varying in scale where necessary. This provides a variety of spatial experiences through scale, light and shadow.

Nuykuln. Berlin’s quarter and its Arab and Turkish community. Preorder

This book is about Berlin’s “Kiez” Neukölln and its Arab and Turkish community. Inside this book you’ll find a photographic series documenting the streets “Sonnenallee” and “Karl-Marx-Straße” and its neighbourhood. Furthermore it contains an analysation and comparison of the architecture in Neukölln and in Iraq.

Jordan, Photography

The Land Between the Seas

I was on the road, on my way to somewhere. I had been traveling for some time, crossing lands, seas, cities and borders.


Dalia Al-Dujaili Column: Looking through the family album

What is a photo album? Is it documentation of lives interwoven? Is it evidence of our place in time, of moments captured – both mundane and significant – reflecting our own humanity back to us? I look back at images of my family in the 90s before I was born and I am able to […]


Blurred Tunis

Various components makes Tunisias capital city so interesting and overwhelming the same time. Noisy streets filled with overlaid voices of all sorts of people who want to sell something, groups of loudly laughing students, honking cars,

About us
This Orient gives an insight into the Greater Middle Eastern art scene. The richness of specialities, the pure potential and authenticity of Middle Eastern and North African regions needs to be explored and shared with the world. We want to share what already exists, yet is still waiting to be explored. The name This Orient implies the idea of a space no matter if physical or not, where one feel free to express hisself. Architecture, its residents, their art: We visit artists at their studio and, or home to explore their art.

© This Orient

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