thisorient_stories_yoko_naito_unbeknown_04 Photography

Unbeknown by Yoko Naito

Yoko Naito’s photographic series shows us a completely other New York in winter which we are used to: Endless vastness and uninhabited spaces.

thisorient_tangents_comeforbreakfast_unsuitable_01 Fashion

Unsuitable by “Comeforbreakfast”

Ten sophisticated women from New York – friends of the designers – are the characters of this photographic series shot by Benedict Brink.

Stories_Nicholas_Worley_Moab2 Photography

Moab – A British view of American deserts

Nicholas Worley is a British photographer who is probably best known for his architectural pictures, which have two things in common: they are beautiful (thanks to the eye of an architect) and all the colours are soft

thisorient_stories_paul_aidan_perry_un_homme_perdu_13 Photography

Un Homme Perdu

Berlin-based photographer Paul Aidan Perry, travelled some time ago through the countryside of the US

thisorient_stories_paul_jung_roots_02 Photography

A glance beyond the obvious

Paul Jung’s signature style can be seen quite boldly in this series, which he photographed inside the rooms of a New York-based full-service studio named “Root”.

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