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Columns by Middle Eastern and North African artists and cultural professionals. Inspiring, exciting and, or humanistic stories out of their everyday life.
Karim Elhaoui column: Qahwa with the boys

Qahwa with the boys

Back in summer I traveled from Groningen to my father's home country Tunisia. It's always something special for me because it's like diving into another world. Especially the men's coffee shops fascinate me. Mostly run down on the outside and flooded with a specific ​kind of white plastic furniture, these spots are a playground for guys between 20 and 50 years. Usually the chairs are not arranged in groups but facing the street. Confidential topics and everyday conversations are conducted here. A meeting point similar to a schoolyard, a smoking area or a kitchen in the office. This time I joined my cousin and his boys.
Mazlum Nergiz column: Imagination


Whose life is worth mourning? Why are racist attacks in Europe discussed as individual exceptions, whereas the European view of the USA quickly and clearly identifies structural racism?
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