2018 May 10

When the object looses its function

'Zero' by Munich-based conceptual artist Simon Freund questions the reasonableness of an object. What happens if we change the usual function of an object by swapping its essential part–in this case the chair back.

Words by Simon Freund, Hassen Ben Chtioui

In his latest work, the Munich-based artist works two Epoche Zero volumes into his recurring metal chair construction. His chair functions as a frame for multiple objects such as books. The question is whether we perceive this object still as something to sit on. Upon first sight definitely a yes–at least it looks like it. But Freund plays with our perception and let us think about the chair beyond its usual function.

American artist Richard Artschwager once said: “If you sit on it, it’s a chair. If you walk around it and look at it, it’s a sculpture”.

The installation is part of an ongoing series which sees Freund experiment with the juxtaposition and appropriation of different materials and objects questioning the concepts of usability and usefulness.

Simon Freund is best known for his work in the field of consumable goods and criticism on contemporary consumer culture. His minimalist approach can be seen in this series of images as well as in his  other works. Head over to simonfreund.com/zero to find out more.