2017 Dec 13

Uniforme Paris invigorates menswear staple pieces

The Paris-based duo Hugues Fauchard and Rémi Bats share their own vision of heritage hero pieces for this winter…and seasons to come.

Words by Jean-François Adjabahoué
Photographs by Maxime Frogé
Styling by Rémi Meunier

Uniforme Paris is a menswear high-end brand which was launched in 2016 by two French youngbloods: Hugues Fauchard and Rémi Bats. They met while attending fashion courses at Studio Berçot–a renowned fashion design school based in Paris. After years of training alongside collaborators in prestigious fashion houses such as Lanvin, Wooyoungmi, Carven, Hermès or Balenciaga, they decided to channel their creative energy into a conceptual brand focusing on the notion of legacy.

“Nowadays, most people we know identify with a brand and wear a kind of uniform that the brand offers them as a panoply”.

The collaboration was quickly natural as they both had a common vision (they both have a background in communication) – be it historical, cultural or through family, legacy would indeed become the starting point of their creative process. This realisation came after a considerate analysis of the sartorial habits of their relatives and friends: “Nowadays, most people we know identify with a brand and wear a kind of uniform that the brand offers them as a panoply”. And while creating clothes that are inspiring and aesthetically pleasing is one of their forte, they favor enhanced utility and function in their collections.

When most clothes usually fall into the “snackable trend pieces”-category, heritage garments must endure the passing of time – it’s their “raison de vivre”. And it’s safe to say the Parisian is genuinely devoted to offering premium quality to the masses, the brand thinking and crafting the collection almost exclusively in France. The duo works with French manufacturers and local artisans. On top of selecting fabrics and materials with great care, each design is actually a numbered limited edition, giving their shirts, pants and t-shirts a unique extra edge: “With the brand, we really wanted to offer an exclusive and qualitative wardrobe composed of pieces that are limited, numbered and made in France”. Paris, London, New York, Berlin or Tokyo–Uniforme Paris and its down-to-earth approach has us all covered.

Find out more here: uniform-paris.com