2018 Nov 14

Knitwear by Sammlung Walter

A series of knitwear by German brand 'Sammlung Walter' which goods are guided by these three principles: clarity in shape, a reasonable approach in terms of production and high standards regarding the choice of materials.

Words by Merle Richter
Photographs by Christoph Schaller

Sammlung Walter is about the art of product fabrication. Out of this came a collection of products in the fields of fashion and interior design. Thereby each single product is available in three different versions: as a unique piece which is hand finished, as a serial product and as a build-it-yourself piece.

Each of those three ways of production comes with its individual particularities, qualities and ideal shapes that Sammlung Walter seeks to explore.

Sparking the power of craftsmanship. Sammlung Walter is looking for simplicity in terms of handmade products and shares their knowledge with interested people.

As for the series of unique pieces the focus lies on care, details and hand-made craftsmanship. Choice of material or measurements may be adjusted to individual preferences. The line of serial product relies on the benefits of simplification and clarity which increases affordability of a product. And the build-it-yourself version is not only about making products widely accessible but also about sparking the power of craftsmanship. Therefore Sammlung Walter shares instructions, construction kits and also offers occasional workshops.

The knitwear shown in the picture was designed by Merle Richter from Sammlung Walter and is available in three versions: the unique piece (WMR–007–R), the serial product (WMR–007–B) and the build-it-yourself piece (WMR–007–G).

The photographic works are a collaboration between the photographer Christoph Schaller and Sammlung Walter.


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