2018 Sep 02

Minimalist furniture by Pierric De Coster

Belgian architect Pierric De Coster created some minimalist design objects for Belgium gallery Valerie Traan.

Photographs by Frederik Vercruysse

The pieces titled ‘PDC 1A’ and ‘PDC 1B’are the first pieces exclusively designed for the gallery Valerie Traan in Antwerpen. The Belgian architect and designer Pierric De Coster questions within this work proportions and compositions and resigns all the unnecessary. These objects are characteristic for his minimalist aesthetic. The clean shelf comes with mirrors which interact with each other and reflects the objects which are stored onto it. The objects and the shelf itself gets a second dimension.

‘PDC 1A’ and ‘PDC 1B’ will be exhibited at Kanal/Centre Pompidou as part of the exhibition ‘Between Art and Design-The Belgian Scene’ in Brussels. From 12/9 – 4/11.

More about Pierric De Coster here.