2017 Dec 21

Faye Toogood’s all-encompassing vision of design

Slowly but surely, the name of the influential Londoner has become synonymous with creative renewal and experimentation.

Words by Jean-François Adjabahoué
Photographs by Faye Toogood

Her academic training in the practice of fine arts and her time as an editor at The World of Interiors greatly informed the British designer’s practice. Rapidly earning praise from design-enthusiasts throughout the world, her furniture and objects shed light on her unique creative mindset which places materials and experimentation at the core of her design process. Integrity and consideration (for tradition and craftsmanship) also define her design ethics, all of her pieces usually being handmade by artisans.

“The whole body of work is defined by her strong urge to blur the boundaries between all creative fields such as product design, fashion, art and architecture.”

This drive to create objects that feel raw and authentic has led her to start working on her famous collection called “Assemblages”, broadening the scope of her ever-changing sensibilities. Along the years, collaborations with prestigious brands such as Hermès, Comme des Garçons, Alexander McQueen and Opening Ceremony followed. This years, she launched a fashion label with her sister, which was shortlisted for the 2017 BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund.

One energy but different fields of application–her whole body of work is defined by her strong urge to blur the boundaries between all creative fields. Product design, fashion, art and architecture are all practices she has now truly mastered and that have renewed her creative expression. Be it with her own work or with her studio (an effervescent team of creatives based in East London), she keeps pushing further the limits of creation. By setting herself free of any limitations and by building a firm bridge in between seemingly different art forms, Faye Toogood reaffirms the importance of a contemporary creative thinker.


Find our more about her work on her website.