2018 Mar 16

An ode to mountains

Belgium-born photographer Catherine Lemblé shares with us her love for hiking in the mountains.

Words by Giancarlo J. Baghetti, Catherine Lemblé
Photographs by Catherine Lemblé

Her fascination with mountains started as a child when she went hiking with her family every summer, when most people travel to the sea. The feeling of being far away from everyday life and busy cities, captivated her immediately. The last four years she travelled to the mountains mostly alone. Lemblé retains her passion and memories in ‘Cabin Fever’.

“My fascination with mountains started as a child, when every summer holiday my mother took my sister and I to the mountains to go hiking.”

There are definitely many people who share her fascination of endless mountain chains and the “(…)feeling of freedom” as she explains. “Nowadays, where lack of privacy and oversupply is king and I no longer know if I am the customer or the consumed, the longing for a cabin amid rocks and snow is big. This project depicts this eagerness and it is at the same time an ode to a landscape that is unrecognizable and irrevocable changing.” Mountains and solitary landscapes are a continuous thread throughout her work, as she searches for the symphony between nature and her inhabitants.

These pictures are part of her upcoming photography book titled ‘Cabin Fever which will be released next month.

More photographs by Catherine Lemblé on her website.