• Formafantasma The search for a new design language – Part of issue one “Comfort Zone”
2017 Jan 13

The search for a new design language – Part of issue one “Comfort Zone”

Creatives nowadays are changing their workplaces more often than ever before. They follow certain trends and cities where the scene seems to be more exciting at that moment. Is the location where you work important for you?
On the one hand it is important for us, but on the other not. Andrea and I moved to Amsterdam two years ago and before that we lived for almost seven years in Eindhoven, where we studied at the Design Academy. The reason why we stayed there for so long was, because we could afford the rent for the studio. The studio and also the city, was kind of a white canvas which isolated us from external stimuli. Later on we moved to a suburb of Amsterdam but not to the center, so that nothing and nobody could disturb our work. The studio is located on an industrial site which is not picturesque at all. I think creativity in work is often affected by isolation. We do need a city where something is going on, but only for our free time…we need to be calm during work.
What interested you the most about having a studio close to Amsterdam?
Simply said, there are more bars, more museums and more restaurants; and actually we don’t speak Dutch and Amsterdam is more international in terms of conversation with other people. All in all, better events for our leisure time (laughs).
What do you think a studio needs in order to be perceived as a creative place?
What we need in our studio is light! It is an important element to have in our studio which is often underestimated. An open space where we can easily talk to one another and definitely a gigantic table where we all could have lunch together are also key (laughs).
The thing with the table sounds pretty Italian. I can imagine an Italian family where the mother cooks pasta and the kids can’t wait to eat.
Definitely! I also think a separate space helps the quality of our work: a room where you can make dirty things…
What do you mean by saying „dirty things”?
Yes, there are also sexual things, but that’s not what I meant (laughs). Rather, a place where we can build models and stuff like that; a bit like a workshop, I would say. That is what we need and have.
What do you need to feel comfortable in your own studio?
A small place where we are constantly in touch with the people working for us is important for good communication. For instance, lunch itself is a strong bonding moment, plus we like to cook – maybe that is Italian. Generally, the things I previously mentioned help our wellbeing.

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