• Masseria Moroseta - Part of issue one "Comfort Zone" Minimalistic architecture by Andrew Trotter
2016 Dec 19

Minimalistic architecture by Andrew Trotter – Part of issue one “Comfort Zone”

When it comes to holidays, most people just want to unwind. What could be more relaxing than a serene setting in the middle of dateless olive trees, such as the holiday homes presented in this series? Let us introduce you to the beautiful „Masseria Moroseta“; located in the vicinity of the white city of Ostuni in Pulgia, Italy.
Masseria is the Italian word for a farmhouse, and Trotter was asked to reinterpret it. With his idea of a modern day farmhouse, he did not just fulfill the proprietor’s wish for a contemporary, minimal building, but integrated it with the local architecture and the landscape defined by beautiful, dark green olive trees.
Find the whole story featured in our printed issue “Comfort Zone”.