• Architecture without architects A series by Jan Vranovsky. – Part of issue one “Comfort Zone”
2016 Dec 28

Architecture without architects – Part of issue one “Comfort Zone”

“Tokyo provides space for exploration and interpretation”, Prague born Jan Vranovsky told us. He discovered – armed with his camera – these backyards, industrial facades and family houses mostly in Tokyo, Japan, where he is also currently based. The architecture graduate and self-taught photographer is amazed by this mega-metropolis, with all its prefabricated high-rises and dozens of temporary construction sites that make Tokyo so dynamic in its aesthetic, but simultaneously so “unpredictable compared to major European cities”.
His imagery is strongly marked by his experiences as a graphic designer with regard to the framing of his images, which are deliberately arranged; the vertical and horizontal lines are especially important topics in his photographs. The artist adds: “The composition of my images is also quite a standard approach in architectural photography: clear, precise and simple compositions.”
Find the whole story featured in our printed issue “Comfort Zone”.