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thisorient_stories_arquitectura_g_casanova_08 Architecture

Carrer de Casanova by Arquitectura-G

Formed in 2007 by architects Jonathan Arnabat, Jordi Ayala-Bril, Igor Urdampilleta and Aitor Fuentes, Arquitectura-G are based in Barcelona.

SaintOlavsWake_4 Photography

Saint Olaf´s Wake

On his website, Kevin Faingnaert, who lives in Gent, Belgium, describes himself as a portrait and documentary photographer, which is interesting because not only does it imply the act of observing, but of telling a story as well.

stories_zhangkechun_mountains_03 Photography

Between the mountains and water

When it comes to China, the most familiar picture to me is one of gigantic high-rise buildings growing up into the sky.

stories_seanlemoine_highexpectations_09 Photography

High expectations – The rise and fall of LDRS

Sometimes things just fall into place, as they did for Sean Lemoine; a self-taught photographer from California, who previously scheduled out weekly events to photograph for deliberate practice.

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This Orient gives an insight into the Greater Middle Eastern art scene. The richness of specialities, the pure potential and authenticity of Middle Eastern and North African regions needs to be explored and shared with the world. We want to share what already exists, yet is still waiting to be explored. The name This Orient implies the idea of a space no matter if physical or not, where one feel free to express hisself. Architecture, its residents, their art: We visit artists at their studio and, or home to explore their art.

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