• The Art of Living Down Under Bendigo Residence by Flack Studio
2017 Mar 14

The Art of Living Down Under

Flack Studio is six member interior design studio based in Victoria, Australia. The key to their unique and beautiful interiors is the exchange and the dialogue with the client. You can tell from projects like the Bendigo Residence that good taste and an eye for detail also make an impact on the outcome.
The house is anything but subtle, yet it still retains a sense of sobriety thanks to the careful choice of materials used. Even though there are a bold mix of varying textures and subtle patterns, every piece falls into its own place. The walls are mainly covered in plain white plaster or bare concrete, which slightly absorb some of the light coming in; whereas the shiny floors are made of finest terrazzo-grey with dark inclusions. Another recurring material is the tiles. The small ones are monochrome, creating a homogeneous pattern with their contrasting joints; the bigger ones have a subtle yet vivid pattern and the joints are barely visible. Every element is treated in a spacial way that underlines its specific beauty. Besides some wooden and leather furniture in the dining area, the colour scheme is limited to white, grey and black, and that restriction is the aligning element. With every glimpse you can tell that nothing in Bendigo Residence appears just by chance, and that is its predominate appeal.