• Serene rigorousness by Natasa Cagalj Ports 1961 celebrates architectural rigorousness for Fall 2017
2017 Mar 12

Serene rigorousness by Natasa Cagalj

Spring may still in its infancy but we are already excited about Ports1961‘s womenswear collection for this years fall season. The head of the womenswear design team, Natasa Cagalj, entices through cozy-looking outfits, clean cuts and serene patterns.
The brand, which was founded in 1961 by Luke Tanabe, is a label with a long history and many facets. It has been rooted in several countries around the globe trying to gain a foothold. The new headquarters of Ports 1961 will soon be opened in Clerkenwell, London, UK – a metropole where Cagalj has many connections and memories. For instance, she graduated from Central Saint Martins University back in 1997 and later on worked as Head of Design at Stella McCartney in London up until 2012; so London is the city where she learned her craft.
We are drawn to this collection of pure and highly aesthetic womenswear, which does not try to chase the hype and follow certain trends. On the contrary, Ports’ menswear collection obviously carries a completely different thumbprint: one which is more loud and exaggerated.
We can’t wait to see Cagalj’s designs in Europe – especially Germany.