• Ferréol Babin shows us how his objects feel Objects which blur the boundaries between art and design
2017 May 14

Ferréol Babin shows us how his objects feel

French designer Ferréol Babin studied space design in Dijon, France but realized that his interest lies more in designing objects which breathe life into space. He therefore worked as an intern at Robert Stadler’s design office in Paris and then moved to Japan in order to study at the Nagoya University of Art & Design. This short summary of his training should explain the background to his knowledge of design.
Babin’s design goods (Coal Soul, Crushed Candy and Branch) are lamps which are bursting with artistic expression. Free-standing lamps often have a sculptural approach as they are eye-catching and room-filling-elements. These three objects seem to have a more experimental approach and a less industrial character, which makes these light-pieces pretty interesting to look at. Coal Soul and Crushed Candy were both exhibited at the ‘Domestic Appeal’ show curated by Matylda Krzykowski at Chamber Gallery in New York.