• Designed to be a designer Wei Hung Chen's ecological approach to fashion
2017 Mar 18

“Designed to be a designer” – Wei Hung Chen

Aspiring fashion designer Wei Hung Chen graduated from the Parsons School of Design in New York and his thesis has already gained him a lot attention. His approach was to design garments which are not related to any trends, and hence not to the fast changes in the fashion industry. His series of unisex pieces defies any external influences such as the weather or the season. He created single garments which could be inventively combined over and over. The components can be folded and stuck together in order to create new styles.
“All the pieces in the editorial can interact and attach to each other to create new looks, hence the interaction between the models and linking them together using the extended panels/components. Indicating a variety of possibilities the garments can look”, added Chen.