• Camille Moir-Smith's Aprons We visited Smith's studio in Northcote, Melbourne
2018 Mar 21

Camille Moir-Smith‘s Aprons

Creativity is a craft that fuels us; it is an outlet for our emotions and ideas. Camille Moir-Smith understands this and realizes the hard part is in the making. ‘Carpenter’s Daughter‘ makes handcrafted aprons that support individuals in the studio – the ones getting messy, collaborating with others, and those who are not afraid to create.
Think of an apron. Now, envision who uses them – a doer, a maker, a creator. Camille Moir-Smith, founder of Carpenter’s Daughter, is all three. It is a personalized design label crafted out of a large studio in Northcote, Melbourne. Moir-Smith creates beautiful handmade aprons perfect for the creative in all of us. “I initially started Carpenter’s Daughter as I really love supporting and encouraging people to explore their creativity. Perhaps the aprons, as an object, symbolize this. I designed the business model to allow me a lot of time to explore my own creative interests and connect with many other creatives; it’s a supportive win-win”, she explains. She started her business in 2014 and, at the young age of 25, it has already garnered interest and acclaim around the community.

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