• Musique 06: Lee (asano+ryuhei) ...for a cosy late summer evening with family and friends
2017 Aug 15

Musique 06: Lee (asano+ryuhei)

Ryuhei Asano aka Lee is a multidisciplinary artist from Japan. No matter if it’s drawing, rapping or beat making – he does it all and he does it well. Over the years he has released a number of albums that one can find on his Bandcamp and definitely are worth checking out.
For our sixth edition of Musique Ryuhei put together a love-themed mixtape. The process of compiling this mix came quite naturally, as he simply mixed the music that he usually also likes to listen to. In addition, he shared two of his favourite jazz songs with us which are: Chet Baker’s ‘Farewell San Francisco’ and ‘Children’s Play Song’ by Bill Evans.
Currently, he is working on an album with his mate Arμ-2, a fellow Japanese producer and beatmaker. The album shall be out later this year. Further, a solo album is planned that probably will be released sometime next year. Therefore, it seems like a good idea to keep one’s eyes and ears open for more good vibes to come from Ryuhei.