• Musique 03: Benjamin Röder Munich-based Benjamin Röder–a creative mind who did our third mixtape
2016 Nov 14

Musique 03: Benjamin Röder

Benjamin Röder is someone who enriches Munich’s nightlife. As a founding member of the two clubs ‘Kong‘ and ‘Charlie‘, which are located in Munich’s city centre, he is a supporter of a culture that is far beyond the generally known cliché people have about Bavaria’s capital city.
Röder studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, which had a profound effect on him. The things he does, such as founding a club, are somehow surrounded by a creative haze. He is still connected to Visual Arts in the broadest sense, and therefore between his music compilations we can find various artworks and photographs.
He put together a bunch of experimental sounds for us which are rooted in techno. Enjoy our third mixtape compiled by Benjamin Röder.