2017 Nov 12

The Nude Label

Words by Giancarlo J. Baghetti
Photographs by Lena C. Emery

This label comes with a concentrated charge of natural erotic and craftsmanship. Not everything that comes up nowadays is good design or at least a good product but this underwear line present a wide range of beautiful and artsy garments: “The Nude Label” is definitely an impressive firm which bribes through good design.

“An evocation to natural beauty. Locally made in a family factory in Valencia, Spain, where we create and live.”

The images shown here are both their first campaign and collection. The two Valencia, Spain-based designers Clara Ropero and Ana Alemany are working together with a small family business in the surroundings of Valencia. They create intimate collector’s items with a conceptual approach to design and minimalistic pieces. “Soft and fresh materials for comfort with a second skin feeling, employing nude shades and a balanced palette.” explain these charming designers.
Responsible for these delicate photographs is the Germany-born and Paris-based photographer Lena C. Emery who shot a wonderful series of the model Yulia Musieichuk.