2018 Jan 15


Curated. A selection of our favourite objects, chosen for their quality and design. This selection is part of our second issue "Sirens".

Words by Giancarlo J. Baghetti

‘Jellyfish’ by Studio Nendo from Japan for Milan Design Week. Vases that float like jellyfish in the water. 30 vases of various sizes are placed in a 1800 mm aquarium filled with water and the strength and direction of the water’s current is carefully adjusted so that they undulate moderately.

‘Fold’ is the first collaboration between São Paulo-based designer Guilherme Wentz and Brazilian design label ‘Nós Furniture’. The tables are made by metal sheets folded to create a tabletop embed on a marble block.

‘Petite table d‘angle’. Number 013. Rosa Portogallo stone from Portugal. Designed by French artist Hervé Humbert for Berlin-based Atelier Haußmann. The series is comprised of 31 unique objects each consisting of a remnant marble slab with a breakpoint, surrounded by a steel angle frame.

This selection of objects is part of our second issue “Sirens”.

A lot of their work is about questioning what happens when a piece of furniture becomes a sculpture and what happens when a sculpture becomes functional.
In this case a stool at first sight but somehow an art sculpture as well. Object from a groupshow at Patrick Parrish Gallery (NYC) by Pettersen & Hein, Denmark.

Ian McDonald’s sculptural pieces create a visual language of its own. In between practical pottery and art-form, his vessels play with the viewer’s imagination as if they were parts of a bigger unknown mechanism. Ian exhibits his pieces also as installations, where one can grasp the vocabulary of shapes he is constantly building. This ‘Four Level Vessel’ is a unique creation exclusively available at BON. Visit www.bonceramics.com.

Find this article also inside our second issue “Sirens”. Here available.