• Thy Tran Cacher
2016 Sep 06

Thy Tran

On a first glimpse, it may be hard to tell the difference between random snapshots and the pictures in ‘Cacher’. The photographs are slightly blurry and they always seem to be taken just one second to late, because the person pictured either can’t be fully seen or is looking away. As early as the second glance you begin to notice that, interestingly, there is no motion blur and now you realize that the photographs are steady, the poses are deliberate and the faces are intentionally covered.
And here is where the story begins. It’s the story of Thy Tran and her girlfriend.
Thy shares a very personal perspective on relationships with us. It’s an experiment to capture what cannot be described: an alternation of exposing and being exposed, and this is exactly what usually happens when you really get to know another person. Adding a camera to this natural development implies, of course, a new perspective: a certain distance, determination and, maybe most importantly, time. Time to really see your partner. Time to reflect on what you see. Time to develop trust. Time to expand specific moments and the possibility to make them last.
With the pictures taken, Thy gives us a hint of her feelings and desires made visible trough her girlfriend and yet we learn more about the artist than the muse. I think ‘Cacher’ is an exciting approach – both in photography and relationships – and the outcome has a unique beauty that comes with honesty and trust.