• How landscapes were shaped by humans Aerial views of Western Australia captured by Brooke Holm
2016 Dec 07

How landscapes were shaped by humans – A series by Brooke Holms

Humans shape their surroundings–everything should be in order and things should follow certain rules. The function of something is a relevant factor for the form itself, too. This is similar to landscapes. A landscape is guided by its residents or by companies using a specific piece of land. Melbourne photographer, Brooke Holm, chartered a small plane for her “Salt & Sky” series in order to document the consequences of human interventions on landscapes. These aerial views were taken at the Salt Ponds in Western Australia, namely the UNESCO site of Shark Bay. “This series was focussed more on the interaction between humans and nature, and how humans have shaped and formed the aesthetics of natural environments.” explains Holm.
The images show different phases of the salt mining process, all captured from above.