• On the edge of humaneness "In Coming" a photographic dance submitted by Juan Del'O
2017 Apr 18

On the edge of humaneness

The photographs of Juan Del’O show the human body, but in an abstracted way. Covered by the lightest of tissues the model performs the most primordial dance. The dancer becomes as abstract as a sculpture, entering a silent dialogue with himself. There are no words needed to express the emotions and sensations rising with the depersonalization of the being for the body. The movements are outlined in contrast against the background. But with the introduction of a third element, a black circular spot, the motions become more cautious, as not to cross an imaginary border. The dancer melts with the spot, fathoming its edges, struggling with tension and balance, appearing a little less human the smaller the given space gets. To show “A dramatic comedy of the being in the world”, that is what the series “In Coming” is all about.