• Daydream Nation The search of authenticity in times of social media
2017 Jan 25

Daydream Nation

We all know what it is like to wake up after a night of dreams -that one, more often than not, fails to remember- holding on to that special feeling whose origins are impossible to grasp. We stick to it, and wonder what it might mean to us. This is exactly what is captured in the outstanding photographs of freelance portrait and fashion photographer, Eva Häuslmeier. She submitted her beautiful work to our website and we are so glad she did. 
The Munich-based photographer shares some pictures of her final project with us, which will also be released as a book. “Daydream Nation” is a collection of photographs showing young people who have sunken into their own worlds. It is a common setting, yet the pictures get a poetic twist with the unusual poses of the models. Some dream with their eyes wide open, some close their eyes altruistically in front of the camera – but they all seem far away. The pictures are complemented with texts from author David Jones: a beautiful addition. We are very much looking forward to the book, but for now take our time to enjoy the first photographs, dreaming ourselves away.