• The Many Faces of Contrast and Simplicity Shown to us by talented Daniele De Batté
2017 Mar 07

The Many Faces of Contrast and Simplicity

The first thought that crossed my mind when I discovered the work of Daniele De Batté was: People with black clothes lead colourful lives. Of course I don’t know whether De Batté prefers his wardrobe to be monochrome or not, but one can tell that he definitely does in his art. Most of his paintings, drawings and graphics are black surfaces or lines on a white background, and his sculptures are also either black or white. He does not only restrict himself to a minimalist choice of colours, but also to a set of geometrical forms. It seems as though there were certain rules conceived for each piece; similar elements are brought together to generate new forms. As a result, his drawings (a dense mesh of overlapping lines) show mesmerising patterns, which appear profound and dynamic. One can describe the ongoing process as vivid. His paintings, which are typically black squares on a white background, are called “dance”. And yes, even these squares seem to actually be moving, or dancing, as they are arranged with a little twist between one another. Again, a sense motion shines through, and of course it does so in his minimalistic sculptures. Just like the pictures, they are cumulative, and within their current form lies the opportunity of them evolving and growing into something new. That is what makes the work of De Batté so fascinating – their snapshot-like appeal. The work of Daniele De Batté also gives a detailed view on how most designers think and create. You start with one simple idea and build on it to create something that is bigger than it’s single elements. That is what minimalism, and art, are about.