• UCON Acrobatics' showroom in Berlin A combination of gallery and studio-space
2016 Oct 30

Ucon Acrobatics’ showroom in Berlin

When the Berlin-based label was founded back in 2001, the creative minds behind Ucon were inspired by art in the broadest sense and hence their label is too. Through several collaborations with artists, they created exceptional capsule collections time after time which have in turn acquired them much acclaim.
Ucon Acrobatics’ showroom underlines their aesthetic approach to their brand and offers their visitors a carefully selected range of works they created in collaboration with other artists. What we enjoy the most about their showroom, is the fact that the guys behind the label have their studio-space just above the ‘gallery-space’ so that we can call be a small part of their design process.
The flagship of Ucon Acrobatics was once their bag backpacks for men and women, which are both highly functional for smaller journeys through the urban space and beautiful to look at. – A combination on which many labels are trying their best to replicate but not many have accomplished with such success. Nowadays Ucon Acrobatics produce a wide spectrum of modern, functional and affordable design goods. Their garments entice you through the colors, patterns and fabrics. Taking a look at their collection, and especially their showroom, indicates that this business is doing a great job and that they are working hard to consistently satisfy our expectations of aesthetic and innovative clothing.
You are cordially invited to take a look at their showroom in Berlin-Friedrichshain, Gabriel-Max-Strasse 16, 10245 Berlin.