2018 Aug 18

The sharpest dresser I ever met

British photographer Georgie Wileman captures her protagonists in a vulnerable but at the same time genuine way. She turns the innermost to the outside.

Words by Hassen Ben Chtioui
Photographs by Georgie Wileman

Two images are enough. That is Keith! The Brooklyn-based photographer gives us an insight of the life of the protagonist. At least a stage of his life. Keith, “the sharpest dresser I ever met” she explains. A portrait plus an image of his tattooed left arm. Images how his life might be perfuses our head. But in the end we do know nothing about him. A play between proximity and distance. Wileman’s portrait captures our imagination.
The photographer sketch his life like this:
Sharpest dresser I ever met. Blue suit to bus tables.
Healing scars.
Bar fight.
Doesn’t hurt with the women, he smiles.
He lived in the Bronx when we met,
When he left New York for the first time, he later talked of raising a farm on African land.
He moved to Africa.
I heard he’s now back in New York, Bussing tables in Brooklyn.”

Find out more about her work here.