2018 Oct 21

Playing with expectations, perspectives and light

Finding a delicate balance between shapes, material and the world surrounding them. Part of our second issue 'Sirens'.

Words by Jean-François Adjabahoué
Photographs by Jeroen van der Wielen

OS & OOS is an Eindhoven-based design studio founded by Oskar Peet and Sophie Mensen, which has always been fascinated by the study of the bond that exists between form, material and the beholder. Although they describe themselves not as artists but as designers, their eye-catching projects capture your attention immediately. As a matter of fact, it is rather difficult – if not impossible – to look away from the Syzygy series; a splendid body of work in which the material they used has inspired their new projects, Perspective no. 1 and Perspective no. 2. The pieces the duo creates are always highly architectural, blurring the lines between the spheres of design and industrial work. Taking great pleasure in this exercice de style helps them to enrich the understanding you can have of the inherent role of contemporary design. Oskar and Sophie aim to create projects that are neither products nor art; their goal is to breathe life into a form of expression that is a combination of both.

“We each designed a Perspective. One could say that Perspective no. 1 is the male perspective and Perspective no. 2 is the female one, but it’s really not the case…”

Speaking of quality of work is quite à propos when discussing Perspective no. 1 and Perspective no. 2, two pieces that were made for Zurich-based gallery Roehrs & Boetsch, which has given the duo freedom and a platform for expression. These simple yet effective complementary pieces explore new ways of altering light and the effect it has on visual perception. The idea for this project was actually inspired by the use of a specific material for the Syzygy series. “A few years ago we designed the Syzygy series; a series of lights that use the same light filtering foil as the Perspectives.

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