2018 Jul 21

Furniture by Gens

The team of GENS association libérale d’architecture was asked by Urban Community of Nancy, as to create an exclusive set of modules furniture.

The collection contains of a family of modules mounted on wheels dedicated to congress center in Nancy. Due to its rectangular plan, the set induces a rich variety of assembly possibilities.
“Their structure is another game: birch plywood panels are cnc-milled and adjusted together, without the use of glue or screws. In addition to the furniture, beside the systemic efficiency of its production and use, the palace owes its decorum: a chandelier establishes the lobby; the 4 corners of a ceramic carpet shimmer in the foyer. These actions may once again interpret the industrial language, or assume the arbitrary joy of the decorative or strange, they invite the congressman and the wanderer to take possession of the place,” the designers share their thoughts.

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