2018 Aug 06


A while ago we visited Nadine Goepfert's studio in Berlin. Since then we are keen followers of her work. This selection represents a wide spectrum of her opus. She ranges between fashion and design.

Photography Alina Asmus
Words Nadine Gopefert, ’This Orient

Berlin-based designer presented a series of garments and corresponding objects. Several goods which had been designed back in last year. Nadine Goepfert’s interesting point of view, is an experimental one. She combines several techniques in order to achieve the form she’s interested in.

“I have a very big interest in literature and philosophy, so in parallel I read and browse through books to create a final working concept”.

“The collection investigates the moment a garment is left behind, stored or hung and at that point the relationship which is created with different everyday objects like chairs, hangers or hooks. Together, garment and object form an abstract sculptural entity which is emphasized through experimental surfaces and the alienation of everyday objects. Hereby functionality is not disregarded, but underlined and reconsidered,” described the collection Nadine, the designer. Each garment is unique in its own sense, meanwhile, together, they create a coherent whole, proposing alternative forms of everyday objects, presented in minimal aesthetics.

Nadine Goepfert.