2018 Jun 26

Concrete studies by Iwan Pol

Rotterdam-based multidisciplinary designer Iwan Pol questions the use of concrete within architecture and develops more tactile structures. His sculptural approaches could be seen as parts of facades or even as the primary structure of a building.

Words by Giancarlo J. Baghetti, Iwan Pol
Photographs by Iwan Pol

Iwan Pols series’ “Happy Conrete” search for a softer and more gentle use of concrete. These works question how his tender concrete could be applied within the field of architecture as part of a facade and, or even the primary structure. His coloured sculptures envision his idea of a tactile skin of a building or an outdoor carpet.


“Envisioning it as a tactile skin for buildings or an outdoor carpet these objects can be used in a modular fashion.”

Through an “investigative design methodology” – as he calls it – Iwan Pol creates several pieces of art which could be seen differently in various scales.

Pol is a multidisciplinary designer who focuses on the human perception of matter. Creating a sensory experience through the experimental use of material and color is the starting point for his investigative design methodology.

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