• The Beauty of the Surface Marlies Plank's photo-series "Getting there & away“
2016 Nov 08

The Beauty of the Surface

Thanks to a boring job in a law firm and a dedicated professor at university, where she studied culture and social anthropology, Vienna-based Marlies Plank turned her passion into her profession and became a photographer. Besides traveling, nature seems to be the predominant motif of her work, with all its versatility and beauty. This also shines through in the naming of her series’, just like “Getting There & Away”, which we have selected pictures from as an example of her outstanding feel for landscape and texture. The characteristic style of her photographs is complemented by the brilliance of light and the bright yet warm colors.
We were fascinated by the fact that some of the pictures, though clearly recognizable as water, sky or soil, are reminiscent of abstract paintings. There are few people and objects depicted and it is not always easy to assess the scale correctly. There are fluent passages from one element to another and with it; borders vanish, inveigling the observer to conceive landscape as a piece of art. It seems like all of her pictures have a natural glow to them, and she also plays with distance and depth. Particularly in her cave and rock pictures, the natural layering is so complex that you could easily mistake them for collages. One can get lost in the beautiful photographs of Marlies Plank, as she proves that sometimes the surface is as remarkable and versatile as the landscape itself.