• Silence - Do we still know it? "Hastag Deadsea" reminds us of that feeling
2016 Oct 18

Silence – Do we still know it?

“It is like describing the emotion of our trip” visual artists Barbara and Ale, who shot the series titled ‘Hashtag Deadsea’, told us. Looking at these photographs gives us the feeling of being in a state of weightlessness. The images convey a complete silence, which comes through their pure imagery and Barbara and Ale’s minimalistic approach. They removed anything that may have been a disturbing element from their focus.

The Italian duo focused on small details, which reveal the human presence without showing any unrest. Bordered by Jordan to the east and Israel and the Palestinian Territories to the west, the Dead Sea and its shores gave them a spectacular backdrop which they caught with their cameras – a pleasure for all of us. “It seems to be on another planet; all our senses were overwhelmed by the silence, the light and the heat. We love the audience to tell us what they imagine, but we don’t tell them anything about our trip: the pictures say it better than we could.” Barbara and Ale